Emilija Pliaterytė’s Museum

The establishment of Emilija Pliaterytė’s Museum in Kapčiamiestis began in 1984 in Kapčiamiestis Secondary School. In 2006 the museum became a branch of the Lazdijai Region Museum and was named after Emilija Pliaterytė. There are currently four expositions in the museum.

The largest one of them is dedicated to the captain of the uprising of 1831, Countess Emilija Pliaterytė – Lithuania’s Jeanne d’Arc, whose courage, feats, and heroism set an example not only for Lithuanians, but also for Poles, Belarussians, and people of other nations. Emilija Pliaterytė’s short, heroic path of life ended in the environs of Kapčiamiestis – the hero was secretly buried in Kapčiamiestis cemetery.

The ethnographic exposition reflects the traditional culture and mode of life of the early 20th century Kapčiamiestis. It displays antique farm implements, household items, and furniture. The small farmhouse window in the exposition is reminiscent of the history of the early 20th century Lithuania and the story of a family life of a border policeman, who lived in the Polish border region – very colourful and slightly sad.

The museum exhibits material related to the lives and creative activities of composer Česlovas Sasnauskas, folk performer Veronika Pavilionienė, first speaker of LTV Gražina Bigelytė-Bulavienė, and other famous people.

A separate exposition is established for a local engineer, traveller, photographer, and pioneer of expeditions to the locations of exile in Siberia, founder of community “Lemtis” (“Fate”) Antanas Sadeckas.

Events. Various fine art, folk art, and lore work exhibitions are held in Emilija Pliaterytė’s Museum in Kapčiamiestis, while meetings with authors of the exhibitions, folk artists, writers and other people are hosted too.

Educational activities. Educational programmes “Iš Šiandienos Į Senovę” (“From Today to Ancient Times”), “Seni Dar Mena – Jauni Tik Sužino” (“The Old Still Remember – The Young Only Learn”), “Popieriaus Karpiniai” (“Paper Cuttings”), and “Tarp Rūtų Ir Lelijų Tylus Berželis Svyra” (“A Silent Birch Leans Among Rues and Lilies”) are organised throughout the year.

In spring, as Easter approaches, an educational activity for colouring Easter eggs “Kepurę Laikau, Margučių Prašau” (“I Extend My Hat and Ask for Easter Eggs”) is held.

Educational activity “Atvažiuoja Kalėdos” (“Christmas Is Coming”) is held awaiting the big winter holidays. During it participants make a Christmas toy for themselves.

Information for visitors.

Participating in educational programmes and visiting the museum is free of charge.

Educational programme and excursion bookings as well as consultations can be made by using the contact information below:

Phone: +370 633 30102;

Email: odeta.barkauskiene@lazdijumuziejus.lt

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